EUROPEAN HUMANITIES STUDIES: State and Society <p>European Humanities Studies: State and Society / Europejskie Studia Humanistyczne: Państwo i Społeczeństwo” (EHS:SS) is a <em>peer-reviewed quarterly scientific journal</em> and<span class="tlid-translation translation" lang="en"><span class="" title=""> is aimed at both experienced scholars and educators as well as novice researchers and practitioners</span></span>. On its pages are published articles in the field of<em> social sciences and humanities</em>, primarily related disciplines such as pedagogy, psychology, sociology, philosophy, education, art, administration, management, etc.</p> <p>The <em>mission</em> of the journal is to be an effective publishing platform for contemporary researchers in the humanities and social practice, to facilitate the rapid and effective presentation of their experiences and discoveries.</p> <p>The journal has been published since 2012 on the initiative of the East European Institute of Psychology (Ukraine - France), as well as Polish universities: Cracow Academy named after Andrzej Frycz Modzhevsky (Poland) and the Pomeranian Academy in Slupsk (Poland). Today, the publication’s partners are the Polish Academy of Sciences (Kiev Representative Office) and the Fund them. Mikołaj Rey (Poland).</p> <p>The magazine is published quarterly, the electronic version of the current issue is published within 30 days after the publication of the printed version.</p> en-US (Iryna Manokha) (Julia Poliarush) Fri, 30 Dec 2022 00:00:00 +0000 OJS 60