Editorial Policies


"European Humanities Studies: State and Society / Europejskie Studia Humanistyczne: Państwo i Społeczeństwo” (ISSN 2450-6486, EHS:SS) is a peer-reviewed quarterly scientific journal and on its pages are published articles in the field of social sciences and humanities, primarily related disciplines such as history, psychology, sociology, philosophy, education, art, politics, administration, management etc. in the context of the state and society issues.

Aims and Scope

"EHS:SS” pursues specific aims and goals:

- to position the humanities as a relevant sector of scientific knowledge, which in the modern world acquires special importance and significance;
- to emphasize the need for purposeful efforts to support, develop and promote the achievements of modern humanities;
- to defend the classical principles of humanism in science, education, social practice and development of society;
- to create conditions for the formation of a lasting interest of young and future scientists in modern humanities;
- to promote the introduction into the practice of public life of promising achievements of scientists and practitioners of the humanitarian sphere;
- to be an effective publishing platform for contemporary researchers in the humanities and social practice;

- to become a platform for effective presentation of contemporary researchers' experiences and discoveries: etc.

"EHS:SS” presents scope and issues

- modern tendencies and trends in the development of society and its institutions - the state, culture, education, science, politics, art, etc.;
- current problems and "bifurcation points" in the development of modern society and the modern state;
- general principles of functioning and development of the state and society, their components and elements;
- historical explorations and prognostic analysis of trends in modern humanities;
- modern humanistic theories, methodologies and methods of studying social phenomena;
- modern technologies of transformational influence in the triad "Man - State - Society";
- controversial and original concepts of explanation and interpretation of social phenomena;
- synthetic models and methods of humanities research, integrating several areas of the humanities;
- innovative methods of empirical research of social and societal phenomena at the macro-, meso- and micro-levels, etc.

Principles of Activity

The periodical "European Humanities Suidies: State and Society" strictly follows the international principles of scientific periodicals:

  • Open Access Principles: accoding to Budapest Open Access Initiative BOAI for open, indefinite and free acquaintance with the content of the publicationіs,  full-text crawling permitted, unrestricted reuse in compliance etc.
  • Copyright & Licensing Creative Commons Attribution  International CC-BY for ensuring the copyright of the author / authors, stipulating the conditions of distribution and citation of their work, as well as - fixing the status of the first publication of the author' material in the periodical.
  • Plagiarism Check Police by Plagiarism Checker by Grammarly (for English), Plagiat.pl (for Polish and Ukrainian),   Antiplagiat.ru  (for Russian) or Unicheck for ensuring the publication by periodicals of exclusively original materials and protection against textual borrowings and copyright infringement by third parties.
  • Disclaimer Pollicy and Conflict of Interests for prevention Conflicts of Interest in any interaction between the Author, the Reviewer, the Editorial Board, the Scientific Council or the Scientific Community, as well as their effective.
  • International Standards of Publication Ethics from Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and                                                                               
  • General Guidelines for Publishing Ethics (ELSEVIER / PERK)                                                                                                                                         
  • Standard Ethical Guidelines for Reviewers (COPE)

Adherence to these principles allows us to create and ensure a professional, responsible and high-quality publishing process of scientific periodicals, which we are constantly improving.

Each article coming to the editor "European Humanities Studies: State and Society", held a formal evaluation by the editorial board, which initially decides to accept or reject the article, taking into account the relevant articles from the overall profile Journal, the observance of the basic requirements and standards of scientific articles. The review procedure is based on standards  Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

Approved edited texts are evaluated by reviewers not working in affiliate author, organization. Each article evaluates two independent experts on the principle of double-blind review proces, ie, reviewers and authors do not know each other.

The articles are not evaluated by reviewers who may have a conflict of interest by the authors of publications. Texts are reviewed confidentially and anonymously.

The articles are reviewed according to criteria such as content of the article, novelty, value conclusions for social theory and practice in the case study report - assessed the methodological quality of the project and submitted to statistical analysis.

The written review provides a rationale assessment and recommendations and amendments to an unequivocal conclusion regarding the conditions for the approval of the reviewer of articles for publication or its rejection.

The author is informed of the results of the review procedure. The author has the ability to communicate with the editors on any comments reviewers. Upon receipt of the reviewers' comments, the author is obliged to make amendments and to respond to all comments and suggestions during this period of editorship. Failure to do so will be deemed a waiver of publication of the article. 

Author Declaration

After the successful Peer-review materials obtained author will receive official notification of acceptance of an article for publication and preparation for publication. After receiving such notice, the author directs the editorial board of the Author Declaration (download): print, fill out "by hand", sign, scan and send by e-mail periodical: ehs.state@gmail.com

Author Declaration:
- confirms that his / her text does not violate the rights of third parties, and is not in consideration for publication in any edition;
- confirms the accuracy and completeness of the copyright data (affiliation);
- agrees to submit personal information in electronic and printed form;
- in the case of a collective work, the authors indicate the proportion of personal contributions (in accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, and in order to counter the practice of "ghostwriting" and "guest authorship").


Payment of printing costs (when it is necessary) carried out by the author only after the successful completion of a preliminary review procedure and the adoption of the Declaration of the editorship of the author.

Edition does not pay Author Fees for the publication of the texts on the pages of the EHS:SS. The Editors reserve the right to make minor changes and reductions in the articles, which have no influence on their content, notifying the author.

The cost of the article is determined by calculating the volume of the publication (number of pages). The cost of editorial and publishing work on one page of the publication is 10 euros. The cost of a printed copy of the magazine is 20 euros.

The author (s) pays for the publication independently, or can use the financial support of scientific foundations or research institutions.