Formation of social intelligence of future tactical officers

Keywords: social intelligence, future tactical level officers, higher education institutions with specific learning conditions, socio-psychological training, methods of active learning and education


The article focuses on changing the social requirements for the system of military training of officers. It is proved that the training of highly qualified military specialists depends not only on their intellectual abilities, but also on the ability to establish and maintain contacts with people, correctly understand the emotions and information they transmit, which makes it especially important to form social intelligence. A thorough analysis of theoretical and practical scientific research of the concept of "social intelligence". In order to determine the level of social intelligence of future officers of the tactical level, a study of the initial level of social intelligence and clarified a number of conditions that in higher education institutions with specific learning conditions do not contribute to the harmonious development of social intelligence of future officers. It is proved that the methods of active training and education in the conditions of innovative approach to the organization of educational activity in a higher educational institution help to increase the efficiency of formation of social intelligence of future officers.


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