Sexual scripts of persons with different types of sex education

  • Viktoriia HUPALOVSKA Ph.D. in Psychological Sciences, Associate Professor, Lviv National I.Franko University, Lviv, Ukraine
  • Olga AVRAMENKO Master Program Student, Lviv National I.Franko University, Lviv, Ukraine
Keywords: sex education, sex educationtypes of sex education, personality types


Thanks to the chosen methods we were able to investigate the features of three types of sexual education in the family: repressive, avoidant and expressive. Persons with a repressive type of sex education are the least sexually well-off, and their sexual scenarios are geared to compliance with existing rules (religious, ethical) and exclude pleasure. Respondents with the avoidant type of upbringing try to know everything in their own experience, thus filling in the lack of information, overestimating the number of sexual relations and their presence, they are dominated by a hedonistic and playful approach to sex without burdening themselves to build a healthy relationship, as well as the level of sex. Individuals with the expressive type are most capable of building a harmonious relationship, the most sexual well-being, and their sexual scenarios are flexible and diverse. Sex education is a powerful factor in shaping one's own sexuality and the way it is realized, which is reflected in the sexual scenarios chosen by the person.


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