The history of B. Sadovskoy’ cooperation in the journals "Vesy" and "Zolotoe runo"

  • Anna ELISEENKO PhD, Senior Lecturer, Kharkiv State Veterinary Academy, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Keywords: “Vesy”, “Zolotoe Runo”, symbolists, literary criticism, B. Sadovskoy


B. Sadovskoy led an active literary activity in the first half of the twentieth century. In 1904 the editor of “Vesy” V. Bryusov invited the young writer to collaborate in the journal. B. Sadovskoy proved to be a talented literary critic and poet. Nevertheless, his reviews and notes were considered as pretentious and sharp in expressions that led to the condemnation and alienation of many contemporaries in relation to the writer. A few years later B. Sadovskoy became a member of “Zolotoe Runo”. Editorial policy of this journal from the first issue became the subject of controversy in literary circles, especially from the Symbolists who published their works on the pages of “Vesy”. The journals “Vesy” and “Zolotoe Runo” played a considerable role in B. Sadovskoy’ formation as a writer, poet and literary critic. 


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